1400 Bronco Lane, Boise, Idaho 83706

Please allow sufficient time before the event for your travel and parking. Boise traffic is often busier around Albertsons Stadium in relation to events. 

Albertsons Stadium is located on the Boise State University campus at 1400 Bronco Ln, Boise, ID 83706. Plenty of parking will be available around the stadium and in visitor parking spaces around the campus. Student parking spaces are also available. Parking spaces fill up quickly during gameday so guests should arrive no later than one hour before the start of a ticketed event.

Once you arrive on campus, signs will help direct you to the stadium. Alternatively, you can request help from university staff and security. If you require directions to the university, you should use a GPS or your favorite mapmaking software/website.

Parking is at your own risk! The university does not claim responsibility for any damages to your vehicle that is not the fault of university staff.