You can maximize your enjoyment of the show and avoid any issues with Albertsons Stadium security by following the rules below. If a specific event allows for items listed below, it will be noted in the show description. If you have any questions, you can contact Albertsons Stadium at 208-426-4737

Accessibility Policy

Albertsons Stadium offers several accessibility seating areas and companion seats around the areas of the arena. If you require assistance getting to or from your seat, you may contact stadium security or valets for help. If you require additional assistance or coaccommodations, then please call the Albertsons Stadium office at 208-426-4737 for any questions regarding accommodations.

COVID-19 Related Policy

Please contact the Albertsons Stadium office at 208-426-4737 for any questions relating to current COVID-19 related policy

Family Atmosphere Policy

The stadium staff does not allow abusive actions or behavior by guests. If you are affecting the enjoyment of the game or event negatively, then you may be asked to leave. In addition, if a guest appears to be inebriated in a way that could cause problems, they may also be asked to leave the stadium.

Gate Policy

Screening areas are placed at the outside of stadium gates, where tickets will be taken. Bags will be searched and then fans will be asked to empty their pockets and pass through walk-through metal detectors. In the case of an alarm, guests will go through a secondary screening process. In most cases fans will be moved along without delay, but additional screening may be necessary.

Late Arrival Policy

Gates open one hour before the scheduled start of the game or show. Guests are encouraged to plan their travel and parking arrangements accordingly. Some events may bar entry for late arrivals as specified in the program description. If you have questions please contact the venue at 208-426-4737.

Lost and Found Policy

If you find an object and wish to turn it into Lost and Found, you may ask security for help in locating the lost and found office. Valets may be able to take the item(s) for you as well.

Onsite security staff can assist you with finding the lost and found for any missing items during events. After events, you may call Albertsons Stadium at 701-235-6161 to discuss your missing items. 

Albertsons Stadium does not claim responsibility for any missing items.

Prohibited Items

The following items are not allowed at most Albertsons Stadium events.

  • Weapons
  • Pepper spray
  • Artificial Noisemakers
  • Outside food/drink
  • Glass bottles/containers
  • Plastic bottles/containers
  • Large bags/backpacks
  • Hard-sided or wheeled bags
  • Umbrellas, coolers, baskets, etc.
  • Long-lens cameras (>4″)
  • Tripods, tape recorders, video recorders
  • Electronic transmitting devices
  • iPads, tablets, laptops
  • Drones

Management reserves the right to prohibit items not listed above.


Ticket Policy:
For ticket information and policies please read the Albertsons Stadium Tickets page.